Machinery Evaluation

We Offer FREE Technical And Economic Evaluation & Advisory Solutions for Production Facilities and Machine-Tools

ECOSOL Company can compose technical and pricing evaluation of machine-tools in cases of reorganization, liquidation, insolvency and bankruptcy of the economic entities.

With the help of our team, that has the qualification and experience necessary for the evaluation of machine-tools of the companies in insolvency, we follow a thorough process for aquiring or setting the price for machinery.

Our company is enjoying the collaboration of a team of valuable young people, including engineers, economists, expert accountants, specialists in marketing, experts in global economics and sales management and the collaboration of some companies of specialty.

In this regard, the main objective of ECOSOL is to offer specific services that would assure the accomplishing of the fundamental objectives of a procedure of insolvency. Benefiting of an important experience in this field, we try to offer quality services to all the interested parties in the evaluation process with maximum efficiency.

Our Machinery Evaluation Services

Free evaluation of machine-tools

We can offer technical assessment and pricing evaluation for your machine-tools: Lathes, Milling Machines, Grinding Machines, etc.

Support in selling the machinery

Our company has an extensive experience in selling and delivering machine-tools to clients around the globe.

Buyout offers

We can offer to buy all your machinery stock or just a part of it. This is a big part of our business of Retrofitting and Machine-Tools Modernization.

Dismantling & Relocation Services

Complete services for dismantling & relocating the industrial production capacities that can be reinstalled both at local and international level.


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